Oil Type Transformer ТМГ-100/10 - 0.4 kV

Oil Type Transformer ТМГ-100/10 - 0.4 kV

  • Brand:Alageum Electric
  • Model: ТМГ-100/10 - 0,4 кВ
  • Country of Origin: Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
  • Availability: Pre-Order

  • 11,408.40₾

 TMG transformer type
 Power, kVA 100
 Nominal voltage of LV winding, kV 0.4
 Rated voltage of HV winding, kV 10
 Diagram and group of U/Un-0 windings connection; D/Un-11
 Type of PBV voltage control
 Voltage control range ± 2x2.5%
 Material of aluminium windings
 Short circuit losses, Rkz W 1960; 1990;1970
 Idling losses, RxW 290
 Short-circuit voltages, Uк % 4,5; 4,7; 4,5
 Idling current, I0 % 2,6
 Climatic design and category of accommodation У1
 Degree of protection IP00
 Overall dimensions (mach);
 Length, mm 944
 Width, mm 670
 Height, mm 1110
 Weight, kg full/oil 445/106
 Installation dimensions 550x450
 Availability of transport rollers Yes
 No gas relay available
 Availability of custom temperature sensor
 Availability of manovacoummeter by order
 No safety valve