Lid, for KUP assembling box, for 6 sockets

Lid, for KUP assembling box, for 6 sockets

  • Brand:KOPOS
  • Model: KOPOBOX 57_LB
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Designed for installation into the universal floor box KUP 57 or KUP 80. It is possible to assemble QUADRO modular instruments of 45 x 45 mm (max 6 pcs - pg. 2-48), instruments with compatible construction, e.g. those made by ABB, PEHA, Legrand, OBO Bettermann, Schneider Electric Altira. Reinforcement of the lid by sheet metal ensures its high mechanical strength while maintaining the possibility to insert the final floor covering. The lid has 2 tilt flaps enabling the outlet of the cables from the box. Included are screws for attaching the frame to the floor box KUP. KOPOBOX