Twilight switch + photosensor, SOU-1/UNI + photosensor SKS-100

Twilight switch + photosensor, SOU-1/UNI + photosensor SKS-100

  • Brand:ELKO EP
  • Model: SOU-1/UNI + photosensor SKS-100
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SOU-1 + photosensor SKS-100/UNI

Is used to control lights on the basis of ambient light intensity.
Used for switching street illumination and garden lights, illumination of advertisements, shop windows, etc.
Level of ambient intensity is monitored by an external sensor and output is switched according to set level on the device.
Control input for additional control, e.g. time switch, preswitch etc.
Level of illumination adjustable in two ranges: 1 - 100 lx and 100 - 50000 lx.
Adjustable time delay to eliminate short term fl uctuation in illumination.
External sensor IP44 suitable for mounting on the wall (cover and holder of a sensor are a part of the package).
Supply voltage AC 230 V or AC/DC 12 - 240 V.
Output contact: 1x changeover/ SPDT 16 A.
Red LED output indication.
1-MODULE, DIN rail mounting.

Technical parameters

Supply terminals: A1 - A2
Voltage range: AC/DC 12 - 240 V (AC 50 - 60 Hz)
Supply voltage tolerance: -15 %; +10 %
Supply indication: green LED
Time delay setting: potentiometer
Number of contacts: 1x changeover / SPDT (AgSnO2)
Operating temperature: -20

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