Probes for level relay, SHR-2

Probes for level relay, SHR-2

  • Brand:ELKO EP
  • Model: SHR-2
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SHR-2 | Level probe

- Detection sensor is electrode, which in connection with switchable device is used for level detection for example in wells, tanks,...
- To be ued in electric conductive fluids and mechanically polluted fl uids with temperature: 1°C to 80°C (33.8 °F to 176°F).
- Suitable for use in drinking water.
- Stainless steel one-pole electrode reside in PVC cover, intended for tank wall mounting or mounting by socket.
- To ensure corret function of the sensor, it is necessary to have the electrode without dirt which could disable the connection of the electrode and fl uid and thus lead to malfunction.
- Max. wire profi le: 2.5 mm2 (AWG 10).
- Recomended wire D05V-K0.75/3.2.
- Installation: - conductor wire is connected by feazing of two brass screws to stainless steel electrode. - conductor is caulked by bushing Pg7 with protection degree IP68.
- Weight: 48.6 g (1.7 oz.)
- Dimensions: max. diameter 21 mm (0.8”), lenght 96 mm (3.8”).

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