Six-level level switch - universal, HRH-9

Six-level level switch - universal, HRH-9

  • Brand:ELKO EP
  • Model: HRH-9
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HRH-9 | Six-level level switch - universal

The relay is designed to control the level of conductive liquids in wells, sumps, tanks, pools, tankers, reservoirs ...
Galvanically separated power and monitoring circuits
Possibility to connect up to 6 level probes (+ one common probe)
Each probe has its own output relay function selection for each probe separately
Adjustable delay after power on (START Delay)
Adjustable relay closing delay (Probe Delay) - common for all probes
Automatic calibration of the sensitivity of the probes according to the conductivity of the monitored liquid
For probes 4, 5, 6 possibility of manual sensitivity adjustment
A monitoring frequency of 10 Hz prevents polarization of the liquid and increases the resistance to mains frequency interference

Technical parameters

Output: 6x NO, 10 A
Sensitivity: 10-470 kohm
Number of functions: 10
Housing: 6 -MODULE
Supply voltage (frequency): AC/DC 24-240 V (AC 50/60Hz)
Dimensions: 90 x 105 x 65 mm (3.5˝ x 4.1˝ x 2.6˝)

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